My next goal: Read 100 Books

by Brian

Never stop learning!

When we stop being open to new ideas and approaches to life, we can find ourselves quickly becoming arrogant about the world we live.  And I’ve found as I’ve reached that much desired ‘10,000 hours’ level in my own business, I’ve actually become a bit arrogant in many aspects of it – maybe because I’ve been at it so long and absorbed so much knowledge, or maybe because I’ve grown a little tired of the topic.  Not sure which it is – but I do know this: When I learn new things, from new teachers, and apply them to my own business – the excitement returns, and I’m more able to accept the fact I still know very little in the grand scheme of things.

Stay humble. Learn something new every day. That’s my motto.  As long as your learning, your growing. Stop learning, and you start dying.

And if you don’t have time to actually read 100 books (like me), look for options – and one option is to gather the cliff notes/synopsis from either the author or someone who’s already ready the book for you – it’s nice to have an ‘executive summary’ when you are too busy to dive deeper. But still consider that there will be titles and topics you’ll want to dive into and read the entire book – maybe more than once.


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