3 Words of Wisdom

by Brian

Kudos to Dharmesh Shah for creating ‘Startup Triplets’ one of the better things to go viral that I’ve seen lately! Can you distill your wisdom into 3 words?  It sure makes it easy to remember.

If I had to distill 50 Interviews to 3 words?

Learn from others

  • Emulate to Learn
  • Innovate to Earn
  • Remember your wife
  • Family comes First
  • Stay humble jackass

Here’s the link to the original post at Onstartups.com: http://bit.ly/litriplets

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white elephant party December 9, 2012 at 1:06 am

3. I don’t need to look for bad things to say about fascists, the TEA Party Patronizers or Neoconservatives. a mysterious personage who, in the bleak light of dawn one Christmas morning, stumbled on a foundling – a baby camera tenderly wrapped in a little travel rug and gently place in a tiny wicker sleigh, discretely left at her front door.

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