Always in Action

by Brian

Always be in action – life exists in action.  The only poor decision is no decision at all. Entrepreneurs thrive on moving forward, never living in the past, take action now and fulfill on the future that you have created. You are an entrepreneur the moment you become one in your mind, and it exists in your actions.  Here’s a framework that I and others have followed:

BE – to be an entrepreneur, you have to come to the realization the moment you declare it and announce yourself to the world as an entrepreneur, you are being one. You are no longer a spectator, you are a participant. You’ve signed up for the race and now are training for it.

DO – take action. No matter what it is, just take action.  Play full out. The 50 interviews framework is one technique and  you will learn what specific actions others to take (& the reasons why) from those already arrived at the destination. One of the interviewees, Ben Sawyer, says “Be an active aggressive seeker of information”, curiosity will have you notice the things in world that support your ‘state of being’ or intention.  Join groups, network, take people out to lunch,  get out and jump in feet first to whatever it is you want. If you keep a sense of wonder and curiosity, others will want to help and you’ll see how the world can exist to support you.  In the continuing analogy of a race, this is the training.. and you’ll learn later on that this is the actually the most rewarding part, the part you will reminisce most about.

HAVE – This is the reward at the top of the mountain. At some point you will look back at all you’ve become and it will feel surreal. Once you get near the top of the mountain, you’ll find that you’ve got the momentum, and it won’t feel as hard because now you’ve trained well.  Your world is now aligned to support you.  Enjoy the experience and do your best to avoid becoming arrogant (it will be tough) and keep the ego in check. Realize that you still know very little.  In the analogy of a race, this is the finish line, and in many ways, it may feel anticlimactic.  That’s why your reminisce more in the ‘do’ of the journey.

Dreams morph into goals when you set a deadline.

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