"Anti" people can derail the entrepreneur

by Brian

Do you know people who are more than willing to “shot down” your entrepreneurial ideas?

Dawn Duncan of Fort Collins, CO-based Broadreach Recruiting & Consulting recently addressed this topic in the Northern Colorado Business Report (NCBR).
Duncan credits her acquaintance Deanna Sinclair with the label for this type of person.  Sinclair calls them “antipreneurial.”

The NCBR article says to beware of these people. They will make you feel fear and doubt. Many of them put a heavy value on security and stability.

Duncan suggests the entrepreneur look for people who will give constructive feedback to your ideas based on logic and facts.

The NCBR article says the entrepreneur can ward off these antipreneurs by having a basic plan of what they want to accomplish and a plan of action.

Additionally, entrepreneurs should rely up their circle of trusted friends and colleagues to help them move toward the pursue of their goal.

See the Northern Colorado Business Report for the full article.

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