Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week in Greeley, CO! Join me on 11/18 with Jake Jabs & Troy McWhinney.

by Brian


When: Nov. 18, 2009, 5-7PM

Where: University of Northern Colorado (Monfort School of Business) – Kepner Hall, Greeley, CO.

Cost: $5 (Free with student ID)

Description: Highly successful entrepreneurs; Jake Jabs & Troy McWhinney will be interviewed by Brian Schwartz in front of a live audience. These entrepreneurs will give their responses and explain what it took for them to be successful, share their mistakes, and give insights to where they are now and where they are heading. Brian will ask striking questions that reveal the entrepreneurial mindset, source of passion, strategies to move from idea to action, the steps you need to take, and why it’s not about the money. Jake Jabs, the visionary entrepreneur of American Furniture Warehouse will provide the background of how he built a $300 million company with over 1300 employees. Troy McWhinney, entrepreneur of McWhinney Enterprises, and developer of 25/34 (Centerra) will share the background story of how he and his brother built one of the most successful property developer & management companies in Northern Colorado. Brian will ask striking questions that engage the audience, sparking ideas on creating something out of nothing (and what it takes), finding the source of fuel entrepreneurs must have, the role of determination, and how finding the right mentors can make all the difference.

More information on this upcoming event is on the UNC website.

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Brian November 20, 2009 at 2:45 pm

We had over 130 students, professionals, and professors attend and it was one of the best presentations to date. Jake Jabs himself stated “…out of the hundreds of speeches he has participated in, he felt this format was the best at getting the entrepreneurial message out to the students” and he encouraged me to keep doing these… Personally, I’d like to take this program to every college in Colorado and beyond!

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