New endorsements

by Brian Schwartz

“Very few books these days combine short vignettes with powerful direct impacts that can be used immediately. The ROI for 50 Interviews is two minutes tops. Brian’s formulaic approach enables the reader to extract the collective insight and experience of 50 divergent entrepreneurs. His dialogue throughout the book allows us to vicariously ask the questions we would have wanted to ask any successful entrepreneur and learn succinctly what worked for them.” -Michael R. Webb, Co-Founder, Aubice LLC

“Whether you are thinking about starting a business or already have, 50 Interviews shows that you don’t need to make all the mistakes yourself, Read this book and learn from those who are already succeeding. Quit dreaming and start living.” – Joe Sabah, Founding President of the Colorado Speakers Association (now NSA/Colorado).

50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs is a must-have for any serious entrepreneur. As a successful author, writer’s coach and part-owner of a small press, I can attest to the pure satisfaction of creating and running a business you love, but also the myriad challenges. One of the characteristics of true entrepreneurs, though, is that we never stop learning, and reading Brian Schwartz’s interviews has given me new insights and inspiration. I’ve been reading an interview a day to spark my creative energy and focus on the expert advice from each business owner. This book is great not just for those considering entrepreneurship, but for those of us living the dream.” – Teresa R. Funke, Author of “Remember Wake,” “Dancing in Combat Boots” and The Home-Front Heroes Collection 

“I wish I had a copy of 50 interviews when I launched my first company, I would have covered much more ground a whole lot faster.”  -Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur 

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