Back of the book synopsis and an endorsement!

by Brian Schwartz

There are two types of people in this world; those who ponder and those who act.

50 Interviews showcases those who act, showing us that with enough desire and persistence, anything is possible.  The progress of our society depends on these role models, and this book is a celebration of their contribution.  

Through the process of interviewing, a truth emerges as to why some people act and others don’t.  Their answers offer real life wisdom, insight, and an honest glimpse into the mindset and methods of a true entrepreneur.  Readers will explore the perspectives of ordinary men and women who took destiny into their own hands, and pursued their entrepreneurial stirrings.

These entrepreneurs are living proof that anyone can create something from nothing.  They inspire us to discover and follow our own versions of the American dream.  They teach us that failure is the pathway to success, a burning passion the essential fuel, and having a purpose bigger than ourselves leads to true fulfillment.

There are two ways to learn about entrepreneurship: one, give it a try, and two, talk to people who have lived and breathed it for years in the crucibles of start-ups.  50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs gives readers a front-row seat to the action, offering future entrepreneurs lessons learned the hard way.  Read it, learn, and then go do it!” – Gregg Vanourek, founding partner, New Mountain Ventures, and co-author, Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives

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