Entrepreneurs–climb every mountain

by Brian

Nick Tart is a student and aspiring entrepreneur. In a recent post on his website, he talks about How Entrepreneurship is Like Climbing Mountains.

Whether you live in Colorado or other areas offering mountain climbing or in the flatlands, his points are well taken.

Tart’s article first covers the obvious similarities between the two activities. He highlights the efforts, obstacles, pacing and accomplishments of climbing and business.

He also shows some less obvious similarities that make even the novice hiker or businessperson think. (And that’s a good thing)

Nick Tart has a goal to climb all 50+ “fourteeners” in Colorado. (See the article if you are not familiar with the term fourteener.)

NOTE: Nick Tart is using the 50interviews techniques to produce a book of 50 young entrepreneurs. It should be available in the Fall.

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