Want to learn how to thrive in uncertain times? Learn from those who already are!

“Very few books these days combine short vignettes with powerful direct impacts that can be used immediately. The ROI for 50 Interviews is two minutes tops. Brian’s formulaic approach enables the reader to extract the collective insight and experience of 50 divergent entrepreneurs. His dialogue throughout the book allows us to vicariously ask the questions we would have wanted to ask any successful entrepreneur and learn succinctly what worked for them.” -Michael R. Webb, Co-Founder, Aubice LLC

There are two types of people in this world; those who ponder, and those who act. 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs showcases the latter, offering a rare and honest glimpse into the true mindset of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur in an increasingly uncertain world. Their answers offer real life wisdom, insight, and practical advice you can put to use right now. They are simply living proof that you can create something from nothing and that without risk, there can be no reward. They teach us that failure is the pathway to success, a burning desire the essential fuel, and why having a purpose greater than ourselves leads to ultimate fulfillment.

Learn the truth about entrepreneurship directly from those succeeding today including:

Expanded edition includes 7 bonus chapters from these highly successful entrepreneurs:

  • A Life Driven by Values by Ken Munsch
  • Ten rules for bootstrapping your business by Thomas Frey
  • 12 Essential Elements for Entrepreneurial Success by David Block
  • Business Networking Tips by Larry Nelson
  • 35 Keys to Business Success by Jake Jabs
  • Sixteen Rules by Bob Parsons
  • The 5 Essential Skills Needed to Create a Great Business by Erin Duckhorn of E-Myth Worldwide

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