On the Shoulders of Giants

Do you aspire to be the BEST you can be?

Are you striving but not arriving?

Are you surrounded by people you admire?

Where you are in life is where you brought yourself through your decisions. What you are doing right now may not be what you planned, but it is a result of what you think. Success is a product of your beliefs.

You are the catalyst for change. Positive attitude will get you only so far. Tough is not enough. You can begin making decisions that take you where you want to go.

I invite you to spend some time on 9/9/09 examining the engine of your success: your beliefs. This workshop addresses the question: How do you change your thinking and put beliefs and ideas into motion to become like the people you admire?

You can change your beliefs. I explain on 9/9/09. Your health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind are tied to what you believe. What you talk about with those closest to you affects the direction and success in your life. Learn what I know about successful people, about vision and passion. Remember this date: 9/9/09. And sign up for Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

What you gain from this workshop:

  • Learn how to emulate the best of the best in pursuing your dreams. You can go right to work on what you learn and begin innovating to get ahead.
  • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs you may not even know you possess.
  • Uncover the source of your decisions. Identify the influences in your decision-making.
  • Learn how to attract people you admire, and repel those who obscure your vision.
  • Learn how to listen – really listen and then dig down to the answers that dwell within you.
  • Identify with people you admire and learn how to use tools you already possess that can liberate your thinking.
  • Learn the key to turning risk into an empowering force.

Everyone needs passion. I explain its importance.

Date: Wednesday, 9/9/09

Location: Ramada Plaza Hotel ‘Continental Divide’ auditorium, 10 E. 120th Ave (just east of I-25 @ 120th in Northglenn, Colorado).

Times: 2 sessions (identical) are being offered for attendee convenience.  Choose either 3-5pm or 6:30-8:30pm… the content will be the same!

Price: (includes book and CD) $27 (or $37 after 8/31)

Register by 8/22 and receive a voucher for a free pass to share with a guest.

Register online at

Want to learn more? Attend a free pre-event q & a conference call:

The dates & times (Mountain Time) for the pre-event conference calls are:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 18 at 7pm
  • Wednesday, Aug. 26 at 4pm
  • Thursday, Sept. 3 at 7pm

The call in # for all calls is: (712) 432-0080 Passcode: 199069#

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Chances are, if you are hiking up a mountain trail, you’ll exchange information with others on their way down.  They may offer you helpful suggestions about upcoming obstacles, or point out sights to enjoy which you may have missed on your own.  Maybe you’ll stop them to ask for more detailed information.  In these exchanges, you’ve enriched your own journey while offering others a chance to make a positive difference.

The success you’ve achieved thus far is most likely the result of your experience, hard work, and networking with others.  If, early in your career, you had gone out and interviewed the best in your field, do you think you might have discovered a thing or two that may have helped you along the way? Could you have possibly made some valuable connections?  Found a powerful mentor or two?  We believe you still can!

Tapping into the wisdom of others not only uncovers new truths, but becomes the trigger for new possibilities.

50 Interviews takes this concept of taking value from others’ time-tested, hard-earned experiences and applying them to your own life.   We’ll show you how to learn from others in your chosen career path, saving you time, frustration, and giving you the best possible opportunity!

Standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before, provides powerful perspective of true experience.

You’ll hear from speakers who are outstandingly successful in their chosen fields and have written about the lessons they learned along the way, and from one speaker whose process of writing a book lead him to his dream career.

Workshop objective:

On 9/9/9 we ask you, “What do you want your life look like on 10/10/10?”

On September 9, 2009, 50 Interviews’ On the Shoulders of Giants microconference will introduce you to a one-of-a-kind technique; a detailed framework to build a bridge to your dream career.

Presented by author and speaker Brian Schwartz, you will see first hand how he and other authors are successfully rewriting their future, one interview at a time, and how you can as well.

The date of this event, 9/9/09, is significant because it represents the first of several milestones you will leave with, leading up to fulfilling the life you have always dreamt of by 10/10/10.

The objective of the workshop is to introduce you to a concrete and feasible strategy to put you into your desired career field by 10/10/10.

You will learn 50 Interviews’ one-of-a-kind method to become the author of your own book, how to secure your title, and rewrite your future under the 50 Interviews model.  Whether or not you choose to complete a book, you will leave the workshop with a new strategy, with actionable steps, inspired and empowered to follow the path to greater full fillment.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • A special edition of 50 Interviews – A greatest ‘hits’ compilation featuring interviews from all of the 50 Interviews titles.
  • A CD containing the audio excerpts of over 20 interviews, including a remarkable interview with billionaire Richard Branson, and these five eBooks
    • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • As a man Thinketh by James Allen
    • Everyone’s an Expert by Seth Godin
    • Money for nothing (and your clicks for free) by Seth Godin
    • Principles of Success by Brian Tracy
  • Multiple door prizes will be raffled off to all attendees


Brian Schwartz, founder of 50 Interviews, will share the collective wisdom of over 50 Entrepreneurs he interviewed for 50 Entrepreneurs.

Don McGrath, author of 50 Athletes over 50, will discuss how his project has expanded into something much greater.

Tuula Fai, author of 50 Spiritual Leaders, will share the insights she has gleened from her interviewees.

Stella Hannah, author of 50 Actors, will inspire you with her story.