The power of perspective to overcome fear

by Brian Schwartz

Recently I interviewed Bob Parsons, the Founder & CEO of Go Daddy. What really struck me after our interview was how powerful fear can be in controlling our thoughts. Fear feeds on our minds ability to imagine a consequence that has yet to occur. Most of the time, looking back, the result is never as bad as you imagined and more often, something better actually comes from it.  So if you want to overcome fear, you need to shift your perspective. Accept the fact that your mind will imagine the worse possible outcome, and then put it on the shelf.  Put your full energy into the present moment and move forward.  You can’t predict the future, so instead, embrace the uncertainty that lies ahead.. keep your eyes open for the unexpected opportunities that will result.  That’s what happened for Bob Parsons at Go Daddy, read the excerpt below from our interview:

Q. So the right perspective and living in the moment has been vital to your success?

A. Yes. If you are constantly worried about what some guy is going to do to you or if something bad is going to happen to your business, then you spend all your energy trying to avoid those things. In doing so, you are never going to see the lucky break when it comes. So you’ve got to be in the moment as much as you can and that’s where perspective comes into play.

Q. What about fear?

A. Everybody has a little fear, but what occurs is after you get your mind right with perspective the irrational fear goes away and you stay targeted on where you want to go, and not dwell on consequences or the worst thing that can happen. When you can quantify it and put it on a shelf, you can operate in the moment.

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