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Very few books these days combine short vignettes with powerful direct impacts that can be used immediately. The ROI for 50 Interviews is two minutes tops. Brian’s formulaic approach enables the reader to extract the collective insight and experience of 50 divergent entrepreneurs. His dialogue throughout the book allows us to vicariously ask the questions we would have wanted to ask any successful entrepreneur and learn succinctly what worked for them. -Michael R. Webb, Co-Founder, Aubice LLC

50 Interviews with entrepreneurs is for those who want to put their thoughts into action by modeling those who already have. Consider the value you could receive from a peek into the real world experiences of over 50 successful entrepreneurs! You will get an opportunity to read each of their answers to the most vital questions. The entrepreneurs come from a wide range of different businesses, both large and small.
Have you ever wanted to start your own business, to be your OWN boss, but too afraid about taking that path? Brian Schwartz, the author of 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs interviewed over 50 entrepreneurs to learn the truth about their challenges as well as their rewards. Get advice from people who were once in your same shoes. If you don’t make that jump now, when will you ever? If there has always been something stopping you, a fear in the back of your mind keeping you from achieving your dreams, this book aims to show you a way to break free. The interviews shed light on what inspires and drives the ordinary, everyday entrepreneur. It is a collection of over 50 role models who inspire others and prove that anything is possible and provide some timely mentoring in their interview. These role models show by example that each of us has a gift to make a difference in our own unique way. 50 Interviews is a showcase of people living their dreams and enjoying the payoff that results from taking the leap in something they are truly passionate about. It is an armchair entrepreneur’s ‘kick in the pants’ guide to getting off the couch as well as valuable guidebook for entrepreneurs around the world.

There are two ways to learn about entrepreneurship: one, give it a try, and two, talk to people who have lived and breathed it for years in the crucibles of start-ups. This book gives readers a front-row seat to the action, offering future entrepreneurs lessons learned the hard way. Read it, learn, and then go do it! -Gregg Vanourek, founding partner, New Mountain Ventures, and co-author, Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives

This book is an ‘in their own words’ compilation of interviews from over fifty successful self-made entrepreneurs. They prove that you can indeed start something from nothing – that risks and failures are pathways to success, and they are living examples that anything is possible.

Brian Schwartz has always been fascinated by those who risk it all and do whatever it takes to fulfill their vision. Through this project, not only was he able to spend time with a community of people he admires, but he was also able to share their wisdom and insights with you the readers. The intent is that someone, somewhere will be inspired to take action themselves.

“I fully expect one or more of these interviews will strike a chord with you because you’ll see similarities in backgrounds, passions or circumstances to your own life. If you have a desire to be your own boss, to carve your own path in life, then these interviews will fuel the fire and empower you with the tools to take the next step, whether you are a student, armchair entrepreneur, or even the accidental entrepreneur.”

Brian Schwartz, author, 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs

Excerpts from the Book

“It isn’t what you know, but what you are determined to do that makes the difference. Knowing actually gets in the way.”  – Michael Gerber, E-Myth Worldwide & In The Dreaming Room

“Do more for others than you expect in return.” – Mark Johnson

“Capitalism without conscience is greed.” – Diane Hughes, Earth Friendly Coffee

“When my daughter died, I decided that there was nothing else the world could ever take from me that mattered as much. It was from that experience that I developed a fearless strength to conquer the world of business and take the necessary risks to be successful.” – Donna Visocky, Bella Spark Productions

“My biggest fear in life was to die doing work without meaning or impact. Don’t waste your time in a vocation you don’t enjoy. If you woke up and were told “Today is the last day of your life”’ would you go to work? If the answer is no, then you’re in the wrong job.“ -Jon Payne, Western Air Enterprises

“I believe that a strong spiritual belief, that there is a higher power to rely on, is essential. And having faith that things are going to work (and they always do). Just don’t give up.” – Melanie Parks, Blooming Property Management

“There are 10 things you need to look for in an employee, the first is integrity and the other nine don’t matter.” – Chad Cameron of Leap Ventures

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The genesis of the book came from my wife, Debi. After 10 years in sales, I told her I was tired of making other people wealthy. I was tired of ‘renting’ (being an employee) and wanted to ‘own’ (become the employer). There was a pattern emerging where I no longer felt in control of my earnings as an employee. As the primary bread winner for our family, she wasn’t going to give me her blessing until I talked to 50 entrepreneurs so that I knew what I was really getting myself into. Originally when I began doing the interviews, I was just gathering information to find out if I was cut out to be an entrepreneur. After about the 5th interview, people kept asking me what I was going to do with the information I gathered. They suggested I write it down and put it in a book! From that 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs was born!!

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