Napolean Hill reincarnated?


July 4, 2009 – Fort Collins, Colorado

In a similar fashion to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” Brian Schwartz has compiled a book of fifty interviews with successful entrepreneurs. “Think and Grow Rich” was published in 1937 just at the end of the Great Depression. Hill spoke to people who had achieved great wealth in an attempt to understand the secrets to their success. Hill died in 1970, the same year Schwartz was born. And Schwartz believes fate has landed him on a similar path. “Think and Grow Rich” offered proof that not everyone struggled during the Great Depression. Schwartz’s book provides similar proof that many people are taking entrepreneurial risks and finding success despite the current economic challenges that exist in the world today.

Schwartz began interviewing entrepreneurs in 2007 in order to decide if he was ready to opt out of his corporate gig and hang up a shingle of his own. As he completed each interview, he was struck by the potency of the information that was being offered. Schwartz was smitten, not only with growing a business from the ground up, but also with the interview process itself. His own career exploration soon became the catalyst for a vibrant publishing enterprise. Schwartz’s first book, 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs was published on January 9, 2009. Brian will be speaking about the book and demonstrating the interview process with local entrepreneurs over the coming months at bookstores, chambers of commerce, and workforce centers across the country.

The formula for 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs is simple. Ask 50 experts a set of standard questions and record their answers. The interviews are done face-to-face and completely unrehearsed. The oral exchange allows unwritten rules, unspoken truths and real life wisdom to emerge. Readers have the opportunity to stand in fifty different pairs of shoes of people actually in the trenches of a particular experience. The interviews are unedited and unadulterated by the filters of well-meaning writers and editors or even the entrepreneurs themselves. The goal is to offer a wide set of honest perspectives rather than to push a specific angle or agenda. Readers can discern the information in its purest form and ultimately draw their own conclusions.

Can reading about the experiences of experts in a particular field or arena of life make a real difference in the lives of readers? Schwartz believes it will. The concept is conducive to virtually any topic of interest. Many other 50 Interview titles such as, 50 Musicians, 50 Spiritualists, 50 Yogis, 50 Dads, 50 Politicians, 50 Bloggers, and 50 Speakers are currently in the process of being developed and published. Brian is looking for others to take on the framework of 50 interviews for what he believes has the potential to become an infinite series of career and lifestyle guidebooks to help people reach their desired destinations and realize their fullest potential.

Contact Brian Schwartz at or via phone: 970-2151-1078 to inquire more or to invite Brian to speak to your group or audience on the topic. 50 Interviews is published by: Wise Media Group, 444 17th St., Suite 507, Denver, CO. 80202