Never eat alone–advice for entrepreneurs

by Brian

Do you subscribe to blogs about entrepreneurship (other than this one, of course)?  Well, you should. 

One that has good content for the new or existing entrepreneur is Entrepreneur Activism.   Chris McCann, a California entrepreneur, writes it.

He did a book review a few months ago on a book entitled “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. Anyone who does networking—(all of us) —should check out the review.

McCann says it is not the typical networking book about handing out business cards and thinking only of how you can help a person and they can help you

Chapters in “Never Eat Alone” cover topics like don’t keep score, build it before you need it and follow-up or fail.  The author also touches on the areas of building and broadcasting your brand, finding mentors and mentees, and the intriguing chapter called Balance is B.S.

How are you networking beyond handing out business cards and adding people to your virtual networks?

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