Nothing left to lose

by Brian

Imagine the one thing you cared about more than anything else in this world was taken from you.  Then see if fear still holds you back from taking chances that can make all the difference.

Donna Visocky lost her daughter in a car crash when her daughter was only 21 years old. It was in that moment that Donna declared to the universe “you’ve just taken the one thing that mattered to me more than anything else.  There’s nothing left that you can possibly take that matters as much. ” It was in that moment that fear no longer became a barrier between Donna and the possibilities she imagined.  She then took a bigger risk than she ever had before.  She took out a loan against her house to start BellaSpark productions – if she had failed, the bank would take her house, but in Donna’s mind, she had nothing left to lose.

Is it going to take an event like that to get you past your fears? Why should it? You only have to imagine the possibility and there’s power in recognizing that occurrences like Donna’s can help us break through whatever is holding us back.  There’s simply nothing left to lose at that point, and your might have to play a game in your mind to see the world this way.  Whatever risk your need to take, know that ultimately, unless you are risking losing that one thing that matters most to you, even the worst possible outcome shouldn’t stop you from taking the chance to pursue your dreams.

Donna Visocky started Bella Spark as a dedication to her daughter. She wanted to change the world as a result of her own awakening to what she discovered was possible for everyone one of us. Ask anyone who’s familiar with Donna, and they’ll agree that she has changed the world.

Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But then again, who said life was supposed to be.  Make the declaration to begin your journey towards finding real meaning in your life and I promise you that you’ll find greater fulfillment in being alive.

We all have a unique gift, and we owe it to the world to discover what it is. Trust me, you will feel more alive when you are actively sharing that gift with others.

If you are stuck in life or facing a setback, think of Donna.  Then think of the one thing that matters more to you than anything else. Then imagine it being taken from you.  Now I ask, what’s there left to be afraid of?

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