Letter to President Obama (by Ray Alverez)

by Brian

Dear Mr. President:

A small business startup will be the next step for many of the 14 million Americans thrown out of work in recent months. Author Brian Schwartz, who wants to see them get off on the right foot, has penned a collection of interviews that surely will become a model for anyone who has ever had the desire to create something from nothing, to find a unique market niche or live a life of discovery.

Schwartz pounded the pavement until he had interviewed 50 entrepreneurs – some who became wildly successful in the world.  He concluded that this is someone any can do to get started towards a new endeavor.

50 Interviews is not a nuts and bolts guide to setting up a business. This must-read for the entrepreneur is more than that. Quotes from “truly extraordinary givers” contributed to this book, said Schwartz. Such names as Rob McNealey (Contrived Media, Ltd.), Greg Stroh (Izze Beverage), Dan Ganousis (AccelChip), Michael Gerber (E-Myth Worldwide) and Tom Frey (DaVinci Instititute) populate the 264 pages.

“These how-I-did-it stories show a profitable business is within reach of anyone with a burning passion and a purpose bigger than themselves,” Schwartz said.

Please take a moment to read a few passages here. Thank you, Mr. President.

Ray Alvarez

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