Passion: Entrepreneurs need it!

by Brian

Passion. I talk about it a lot in my book and in my presentations and media interviews. It is a MUST for entrepreneurs.

Don’t just take my word on it. Here is a quote by Pierre Omidyar on the subject of passion.
“I was just pursuing what I enjoyed doing. I mean, I was pursuing my passion.”

Pierre Omidyar may not be a household name except in the Omidyar household. His business had been accessed by most of us. It is a company called EBay.

Omidyar followed his dream, and is quite successful.

What is YOUR passion?
Let me hear your comments on this topic.

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rjberryx July 13, 2009 at 12:23 pm

Passion! Absolutely. You must know yourself and what you love doing. Some of us are free to follow our passions right now. Many aren’t, of course.

For those of us who are, and want to find a way to profit from them, we must find a conduit to connect with others. Because, only through people, is it possible to follow our passions AND make a profit (lotteries and diamond mines not withstanding).

So we must ask ourselves, how can we find others (customers, or those willing to listen to our story) and touch them about something they need, or about something they love?

And with passion and talent we must also do some analysis. How can I present my passion, connect with others with a need or a love for something, so that what I share with them is worth slightly more to them than what they are willing to give up to receive it.

If we are lucky in all of this, we keep giving and receiving and we sustain it all by doing a little each day and noticing and working on our weaknesses, and working on those a little each day as well.

Passion yes, a good place to begin.

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