The Questions

Background questions: Prior entrepreneur experience, year company was established, # of employees, etc..

The interview questions:

1. Initial start up cost & source:

2. How long till positive cash flow?

3. Did you use a business plan? Yes/No, if so have you had to morph your original business plan to meet the demands of the market?

4. The genesis of the idea?

5. The vision of the company & the community you serve (what came first, the problem or the solution?)

6. The passion that it fills for you personally?

7. Where do you see yourself & your company in 10 years?

8. Biggest challenges? Looking back now, is there anything you wish you had done differently? What do you know now that you wish you’d known sooner?

9. Biggest rewards? What aspects of ownership are the most rewarding? Any unexpected rewards?

10. Are there one or two things you can attribute your success to? Luck, timing, someone who helped you?

11. How do you attract and retain the best employees? What is the most important attribute you look for? (Thoughts on the employee-ownership model?)

12. Recommended training & resources? Books, classes, websites, etc..? An MBA recommended?

13. Slogan to live by or what it might say on your tombstone?