Got $5,000 ? Want to run your own Quiznos sub shop ?

by Brian

Franchising is indeed a great way for people to ease into running their own business. I think franchises are particularly appealing to those of us who’ve been long-time employees.  As franchises have seen double digit growth in the past,  I believe they will continue to make up much of the ‘new economy’ ecosystem which is the result of the ‘jobless recovery’.  So, how cool is this; Quiznos is lowering the barrier to entry by offering a new pilot program where you can get started with only $5,000 (according to this story in the Denver Business Journal).  If you want to learn more, make plans to attend an informational session on Jan. 21, 7-8pm at Quizno’s corporate HQ in Denver. Be interesting to see where shops start to spring up, as the overhead (space rent) will likely be a huge factor for most.  Anyone know what the startup fee to open a Subway sandwich shop is now?

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