Round-up: Video Publishing

by Brian

I’ve been doing a lot more video publishing these days, mostly because of my endeavors at Kindle Expert, and while YouTube is great for most of it, I’m beginning to do some in depth training for others and I want to get away from YouTube because of the use restrictions & licensing.  I’m finding the world of online video outside YouTube to be a very fragmented and confusing one!  Kudos to those of you who’ve figured it out (you must all be mac users).

So, as I did before, since I’m doing all the research anyway, I’m going to post my results here. And I hope that if you have some specific experiences with video (good or bad), you’ll share them with the rest of us via a comment below.

Here’s the services I’ll be evaluating to start (I’ll add more as I discover them):

The criteria I’ll be looking at:  Cost, Security (being able to control who can view), Ease of setup & use, types of video formats accepted, and reliability – but not necessarily in that order.  My experiences to date outside of YouTube have been less than stellar. I’m hoping I find that the developers have evolved and the cost has come down to make the process of broadcasting more accessible to busy entrepreneurs like me.

As in previous round-ups, this post will be updated periodically when I have something worthy to report.

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Devon July 28, 2011 at 5:53 pm

I’m looking into video hosting solutions too. Mostly they’ll be used for training and support of a SAAS product. I’m wondering if you found any of the services to stand above the rest (or to fall well short of your needs).


Icecube Media October 24, 2011 at 5:48 am

this is some productive information but the most of the user use youtube so think its hard to tell about the other videos publishers

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