Round-up: Web conferencing tools

by Brian

I recently began an effort to explore what new web conferencing tools existed, as I realize the landscape has evolved significantly since I began using GoToMeeting over 5 years ago.

Keeping with the 50 Interviews model, I wanted to share what I learned, and ask that if you have anything to add to the topic, please do so below in the comments section. It’s this ability to gather & disseminate collective wisdom that makes the internet so powerful! Instead of one-to-many, it’s many-to-many. I want to simply act as the conduit to help get the data posted clearly and concisely as possible.

Here’s a list of the tools I’m trying to evaluate as quickly as possible:

Here’s the key criteria I’m using:

  • Price
  • Max # of attendees
  • Ability to record
  • Ease of use for attendees

July-2011 Update

The winner?  WebEx.  For ease of use, reliability, and price per user, I’m extremely satisfied.  I really like the fact they gave me my own webex page, which you can check it out at  Extra kudos to Ryan Person, Webex is lucky to have him. His responsiveness was top notch – even after the sale, which is pretty unusual from a sales rep the days. They should give that boy a raise.

Feb-2012 Update

Webex now offers a $19/month plan. It’s limited to 8 attendees – but that suffices for the majority of my needs. This is my opinion the best deal available anywhere.


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Michele Isernia December 24, 2010 at 12:21 pm

As web conferencing is not about the “best tool” for 2 or 3 people, but it is also about “how pervasive” the tool is, I would suggest that only 3 are meaningful:
1) GoToMeeting
2) WebEx
3) Lync (LiveMeeting and Unified Communication are now integrated into a single product called Lync).
Another key list of requirements are:
1) Ease of Use
2) Integration with Calendar, Email, Webcams, etc..
3) Ability for anybody to participate, even if they do not have the tool on their computer.
4) Integration with Mobile phones and Office PBXs.

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