Roundup: File Sharing Services

by Brian

Have a need to send someone a large file? Most email services max out at 20 MB attachments. Gone are the days of burning to a CD or Flash drive… now you can send them an email link. There are quite a few of these sites now, so I thought I’d give a quick round up of the ones I’m familiar with:

  • TransferBigFiles (Reliable, but only up to 1 GB, $60/year for pro features)
  • YouSendIt (One of the first sites to start doing this I can recall, only up to 100 MB, $120/year for pro features)
  • ShareFile (2GB basic, up to 10 GB enterprise. $30/mo! Most expensive of them all)
  • SendStuffNow (2GB, ? requires software download ?, $60/year for pro features)
  • DropBox (up to 2GB is free, $99/year)
  • Memeo (up to 100MB is free, $9.95/mo.)
  • SendSpace (up to 300MB is free, $8.99/mo. for pro account)
  • WeTransfer (up to 2GB free, $120/year for pro features)
  • Google Drive (Free up to 5GB, then you’ll need to upgrade to a Google Apps account)
  • YourFileLink (Free service, but files are deleted after 2 weeks)
  • FileDropper (just found out about it – haven’t tried it yet)
  • File Pigeon (100 MB limit)

Two other hybrid examples to check out (that I really like) offer the ability to upload large files as well: Check out Smartsheet ($15.95/mo.) and Wufoo ($14.95/mo.).

If you are looking for a way to allow others to send you large files (too big to send via email), here are sites that give you the option to direct others to an upload page that links up with your cloud storage:

Please do everyone a favor and post a comment if I missed any!


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Dan Griffey January 7, 2010 at 3:19 am

Hey Brian,
Good review. We have launched a similar product that we would love you to try – .
Great for sharing and sending files with the web app but also provides FTP access to all folders AND 1gb of sharing and storage for free. Would love for you to try this and post and blog on it someday – do come back to me if we can help at all or if you need any resources.
Cheers, Dan

Simon Gannon February 20, 2012 at 4:26 am

Very comprehensive list you have there, Brian. I too would like to point you in the direction of a service for sharing large videos,

We have a free Personal account that allows you to store and share up to 5GB of video in any file format.


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