“I highly recommend Brian Schwartz for his skills as a dynamic, engaging, and passionate speaker. He articulates the mindset of successful entrepreneurs better than anyone by providing compelling examples through the real life stories of those he interviewed for his book. Best of all, by interviewing an entrepreneur at the end of his presentation, the q & a style brings out answers that provide indisputable validation that the insights he shares earlier are dead on!”
-Jim Collins, Regis University MBA, IBM Finance Manager

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

“This was the highest registration that we have ever had for a Start Up Junkie event.”
-Deb Frey, Vice President of The DaVinci Institute

Past Speaking Engagements

“You did a great job of bringing many insights together to help individuals find and act on their passion. I have a lot of take-aways from your talk. You helped me think more clearly about where I’m headed.”
-Laura Brandau, Clear Spring Business Analysis

Want to have Brian come visit your group? He’s now available for speaking engagements.  Recent keynotes include The DaVinci Institute (150 people) and NoCoNet (200+ people).

What does it really take to move from employee to employer? How many of us think about starting our own business only to put it off again, and again, and again. What if you went out and interviewed 50 entrepreneurs, do you think you might learn a thing or two? After spending over a year interviewing over 50 Entrepreneurs, Brian discovered the key distinctions that make up the entrepreneurial mindset and what that the successful ones all share. And most importantly, he finally made the leap myself. Learn what took him over 20 years! He will share some surprises and dispel common misperceptions while quoting some entrepreneurs you probably know. Find out what finally got him to make the shift.  But what makes his talk really compelling and unique: he interviews an entrepreneur in the end, live and in person, letting the audience see how it was done and giving them a chance to participate in the process.  He awards the person who asks the best question a signed copy of his book.

After interviewing over 50 Entrepreneurs for his award winning book 50 Interviews:Entrepreneurs, Brian is now mentoring others doing the same in a wide range of other topics (50 Actors, 50 Yogis, 50 Speakers, etc.).  The basis of 50 Interviews is built upon the simple premise that by asking the right questions, and interviewing enough people, you will be well on your way to having anything you want in life.

“We received great feedback, and I know it is just the beginning of more to come. We greatly appreciate your taking time out of your weekend.”
– Leo Pacheco, ACN

Topics Brian speaks on include:

“The true modern day hero’s of society: entrepreneurs who refuse to quit.”

Who will emerge as the modern day hero’s to save our country from economic disaster? It’s entrepreneurs. They pulled us out of the depression, and they’ll pull us out of this recession. I will share with your audience the 3 distinctions of the entrepreneurial mindset that everyone should adopt in these tough times, whether or not they consider themselves entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial mindset will help them not only survive, but thrive. I will cite examples of each distinction, citing the stories of those I interviewed. We can also discuss the optional to have me interview an entrepreneur live at your event.

“How ANYONE can acquire genuine experience and substantial credibility without a JOB.”

If anyone in your group is seeking a job or new career, I will share with them a technique to gain genuine experience, without a job.  A tool that can be used to separate themselves from all the other job seekers in an increasingly competitive job market.

Alternate angle: Students facing graduation are entering the tightest job market in our lifetime. Adopt the framework of 50 Interviews before you graduate, and you can offer a potential employer evidence that you know more than your fellow graduate. You will learn what they don’t teach you in school!

“Unemployed? A novel idea of how to take advantage of the time off.”

12.5 million are out of work today (according to the Bureau of labor statistics as of Feb-09).  When the employment returns, many will return to the same hardly tolerable jobs they had before.  Many more will have never had the opportunity to leave. But what if your audience found a way to embrace their unemployment and discover what they are truly passionate about, learning to express their purpose in a form for which they are richly rewarded?

For anyone facing unemployment right now, how do you think they would feel if they knew without a doubt  that they’re next job was going to be more fulfilling, more exciting, and something that didn’t feel like work at all? Something that they are passionate about and makes a real difference?  The framework I’ve piloted in 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs can be adopted by anyone to do just that.

“Why NOW has never been a better time to pursue your passion.”

Scarcity of money has become a real threat for much larger portion of the population than ever before. Individuals from all walks of life have been impacted and now have the opportunity (perhaps for the first time) to stop and ask themselves, “Where can I make a difference? Where do my passions lie? How can I turn my interests into a career?” Whether someone has recently lost a job and/or is worried about whether they will be next on the chopping block, it’s an ideal time to create their own security, which comes when a person is working in their own unique genius. Tapping into the framework I’ve proven out with 50 Interviews will enable men and women create their own roadmap based on a new world reality.  They discover for themselves how to get from here to there in the shortest amount of time with the greatest opportunity for success.

“Do what you love, and the money will follow… a new twist.”

You’ve probably heard the cliché : Do what you love, and the money will follow. Perhaps there was a time when that was the case, but rare is the case today. For 2009 we need to learn a new mantra: Do what you love, [add: model what others are successfully doing], and the money will follow. I will expand on how your audience can put that mantra into action.  I’m teaching others to adopt the framework of 50 interviews to fuel their purpose, discover their true calling, and still make a successful living along the way!

“The mindset of an entrepreneur; whether or not we want to start our own business, the mindset of self-sufficiency is become vital to survival!”

Several of the entrepreneurs I interviewed launched their companies after facing a job loss or finally reaching their limit of toleration with companies who treated them poorly. I would like to share with your audience the three distinctions they all share and how some of their greatest setbacks actually evolved into their greatest opportunity.

Contact Brian at 970-215-1078 (Colorado) or via email: 50interviews@gmail.com to discuss scheduling him for your next event!