Swim with the sharks?

by Brian

Some of the recent posts on this site have been about good books and web sites for aspiring entrepreneurs.  This one is going to be about television shows and entrepreneurs.

The TV show that I am referring to is on CBS, and is called “Shark Tank    Can You Swim With the Sharks?”  It has nothing to do with Jaws or one of those shows where they dare people to do gross things.

The premise of the show is that entrepreneurs have time to pitch their ideas (usually a product) in front of a panel of entrepreneurs, angel investors and all-around rich people.

The entrepreneur is asking for a sum of money, to have the investor be a partner or for some kind of royalty structure or a combination of these.

If the panel rejects the person’s idea, they tell them to take a hike. (Some are very determined despite the feedback they receive on the show)

In some cases, the two parties come together and the business is launched.

As an entrepreneur, you will see what kind of ideas others have, how they are pitching it and the reaction they receive.

Who knew television could be educational?

The show is on Sunday evenings.

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